As a native of the Northwest, I am in love with this area, its flora and fauna and above all, the diversity and natural bounty of its landscape. I am of this land and so is my work.

While studying Art History as my concentration in University, I was particularly taken with and influenced by Japanese art. There is a sense of clear intention and strength of image that moves me to a feeling of serenity as well as meaning. It is my ultimate hope that my paintings carry these same qualities forward through their design and composition. An element that I am fascinated with and continue to explore in my work is the commonality between all things. I find that this is revealed when forms are simplified to their base pattern and structure. For example, current patterns in water resemble wood grain. Blades of grass en masse flowing in concert with the wind also have a similar quality and texture to bodies of water in movement. In my current collection of work, I’ve also focused on the structure of barnacles in exploration of the overlapping in form and function between micro and macro worlds.