Chelsea JepsonAs a native of the Northwest, I am in love with this land, its flora and fauna and above all, the diversity and natural bounty of its landscape. In this landscape I enjoy observing its cycles, forms, patterns, colors and textures. I am of this area and so is my work. In making jewelry my goal is to create timeless, elegant, unique and down-to-earth jewelry with style. I want my work to feel good and warm to the body. For this reason, I try to use raw natural materials that are in direct contact with the person rather than encased in a metal bezel.

My pieces often take on their own form without too much pre-meditation or planning on my part. I’ll choose the colors and stones but the rest is up to the moment and the materials to decide. When carving in rock to make rings, I like to be open to the stones’ suggestions. I read its density and natural curvature to direct its flow to a new form. When making a necklace, I try to tune my choices into the magic of a plants’ design; how they arrange their leaves, buds, blossoms and then fruit or seedpod along a single stem or vine.

I’ve recently moved to the Skagit Valley where its fields, skies and expansive territorial views serve as a perfect source of fresh ideas and daily inspiration. I am also happy to be back in the company of a large garden. My childhood was filled with time in the garden and I realize more and more each day how much I have learned from it. In the garden, processes and purpose are so clear yet so complex. I love the juxtaposition of these two things and it is what I aim to achieve in my jewelry design work as well as in my paintings. With stone, faceted gems, ink and watercolor, I strive to subtract the obvious and add the meaningful.